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Our custom made medals and awards guarantee your events have an impact and enhances your organisations image. We offer premium quality products from design to delivery at the very best value for money.




Our SPORT 360  ‘diecast’ or mould will ensure the same quality regardless of the first or last product with both  2 or 3 dimensional options for best results. Generally medallions are made from zinc, copper or brone alloy but precious metals can be accommodated on request.  There are many outstanding finishes from the normal gold, silver, bronze to antique finishes or vibrant multi-colour designs which we match to your pantone colours as part of the quality finish.   We manufacture to size & thickness  according to your needs & budget.


The finishing touches are so important and we offer custom engraving at extremely affordable pricing.   A variety of options including fonts, size and either natural or black ink finishings are just some of the choices available.  For corporate awards we can utilise your company logo as part of the presentation.  Engraving will add a short time to the production process and requires a spreadshet with engraving details.   


Make a statement with your company, sponsor or event logo as the feature on your custom designed print satin ribbon.  These are generally 300x900mm and sublimated with a full colour graphic silk finish.  If a landyard is your choice we have a variety of print, sublimation options, grosgrain material and an extensive range of different types of clips and accessories.  


Depending on your requirements SPORT 360 can arrange an array of packaging options for your products.  Variety of gift boxes, individually wrapped, bulk packed or even sorted via our our pick n pack distribution process according to your needs.

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